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"Personalized medicine" for everyone. iCELL BANK produces iPS cells derived from blood
and provides highly safe medical services for
individual to ensure a healthy future.




【 The best treatment is different for each individual. 】

Traditional medication is about to change.
By using iPS cell technology, It will be possible to provide optimal individualized treatment
for each patient to optimize future health outcome.

  • Learn about yourself

    • HLA type(a blood type which related to immunity)
    • Presence of virus antibodies
    • Immunity strength
  • Predicting the future

    • Risk of illness
    • Highly effective medicines
      and treatments
    • Possible side effects of
      medicines and treatments
  • Preparing for future "what if health situation”
    • Regenerative medicine based
      on iPS cells
    • Prevention based on vaccine
    • Selection of the best treatment
      based on the latest medical


About iPS cells

【 What are iPS cells? 】

iPS cells are "Induced pluripotent stem cells",
every cell derived from blood or cells, that have been reprogrammed back into an embryonic-like pluripotent state.
iPS cells can propagate indefinitely, as well as give rise to every other cell type
in the body.

【 iPS cells are your "asset" for a healthy future 】

If iPS cells are prepared and stored, they can be used for regenerative medicine to
restore functions from disease and conditions in the future.
By storing your iPS cells or your family, "Personalized medicine" will become
realistically possible while forming an important asset for the future.

Learn about yourself

【How much do you really know yourself ?】

Do you know your "HLA type"? Are you aware of the valuable information that your body has which can affect future health outcome? For example, if you know your HLA type, it might be possible to predict what diseases you are susceptible to and whether transplant rejection will occur.

HLA: It is an abbreviation for Human Leukocyte Antigen which will found in all cells and tissues of the human body. It works as an important molecule involved in immunity.
We are all familiar with the ABO blood group, HLA is also called the leukocyte blood group. There are only 4 blood types in the ABO blood group, but there are 11 HLA blood types with about 16,000 polymorphisms.
Prediction of whether transplant rejection will occur or future illnesses (susceptibility, etc.)

【 If the HLA type matches, you can protect your loved ones 】

If the HLA type matches (rejection is less likely), you may be able to help not only yourself but also your loved ones.
(In organ transplants) Homozygous HLA types are more likely to be transplant compatible with those who are heterozygous donor.
Your iPS cells may contribute to a healthy future and successful life for many people.

Robust Information Management

【 EMR Information Management System 】

iCELL BANK has introduced an advanced medical and health information management system that utilizes blockchain
technology. Your personal information will be protected by a robust system, and the latest medical information will be
delivered to you so that you can make appropriate choices without getting caught up in the whirlpool of public information.

EMRElectronic Medical Record